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The official blog of The Original Muck Boot Company.

POP Kids Picks - The Original Muck Boot Company

#100% waterproof #My Little Pony and Transformer rain boots


I was recently approached by The Original Muck Boot Company to see if I could check out their new line of character boots for kids. Getting that email was so exciting because 1) I actually already knew about them and their reputation and 2) they wanted my opinion (dream come true!).

Girls With Guns Founders Collaborate with Muck Boots: Extreme Hunting Boots for Women Get a Makeover

#hunting boots for women #GirlsWithGuns


For women who love to hunt all seasons across any kind of landscape, Muck Boots brings you two new hunting boots for women. We enlisted the help of Girls With Guns (GWG) founders, Norissa Harman and Jen O’Hara, who know all about trials on the trail. Their professional hunting experience and familiarity with issues women frequently face when trying to find hunting boots for the unique shape of a woman’s foot made Harman and O’Hara tremendous assets in designing footwear engineered specifically with women’s feet in mind.

5 Rainiest States In America

#rain boots #rain gear


Most people who live in the U.S. are aware that Seattle is a rainy city, but beyond that, unless you live in a rainy state, you may not be aware which states are the rainiest. However, rather than looking at this as a negative, turn typical thinking on its head. There are many great things about rainy places: they are lush and green, you can play in the rain with your kids, and there’s nothing like a day of indoor relaxation with the sound coming down on the roof.

Fun Things to Do in the Rain: Getting Kids Outside is Healthy and Liberating

#kids rain boots #play in the rain


Do you love the rain or have kids who love the rain? For those who aren’t natural born lovers of the wet outdoors, there are ways to learn to love it — and having kids to play with is one of the best ways.