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11 Items to Bring for Your Winter Getaway

We've created a definitive guide on what to pack on winter getaway vacations. Learn our top 11 must-have items to bring with you on you on your next trip!

So you’ve taken our advice and decided to visit a majestic locale for some much needed holiday R&R. Or maybe you’re counting down the minutes until you can hit the slopes, tour the town, and go on an adventure hike in the middle of winter! Either way, don’t get too excited - you still need to pack before you can enter vacation mode. Here’s our definitive guide on what to pack for your winter vacation:


  • Bring some lip balm and a travel-size bottle of lotion. If you’re accustomed to living in a warmer climate you may not be prepared for how dry and chapped your skin will get while on your winter getaway. These items will help combat the perpetual dryness.

  • If you’ll be in temperatures below 30 degrees pack some long underwear and long-sleeved thermals to wear underneath your outfits. Layering is essential in winter weather, and thermals are a good base that won’t take up too much luggage space.

  • Pack two (or three, if you’re taking an extended vacation) sweaters that keep you insulated. Avoid wool and other cumbersome materials if you’re concerned about the space in your bag. Also, remove three or four shirts from what you’re taking: the sweaters are substitutes for outfits, not additions.

  • Bring (or wear) a hat that covers your ears and part of your neck to keep you warm in the snow. A simple sock cap will suffice, but purchase one that is made of modern moisture-wicking materials so your sweat doesn’t make you colder.

  • Always pack a pair of gloves that you can wear in the rain. Ideal gloves are waterproof and breathable while giving your fingers enough mobility to be usable. Don’t pack bulky gloves that you’d have to remove to accomplish basic tasks like buttoning your coat.

  • Wear one coat on the plane that you’ll use as the outermost layer throughout the trip. Choose your coat based on the coldest possible temperature you’ll be exposed to - you can always forgo the coat and go with layers if it gets warmer.

  • When packing your clothes, opt for neutral color palettes so you can layer and accessorize effectively without worrying about your outfits clashing. If you want some color maybe pack a vivid, eye-catching scarf.

  • Packing shoes is waste of precious space - all you need for winter footwear is one dependable pair of cold weather boots. Muck Boots offer 100% waterproof protection and will keep your feet warm and dry during your excursions. Our Arctic Supreme boots feature a stylish knitted upper and provide reliable support with waterproof, shock-absorbing neoprene.

  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen - just because it’s cold outside don’t expect the sun to take a vacation too! Many travelers sustain sunburns while vacationing in the winter on their face due to inadequate protection. Always apply sunscreen when you’re going outdoors regardless of the temperature.

With these 11 winter vacation essentials you can jet off to your destination without a care in the world.