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5 Fashionable Winter Boots

Fashionistas who also likes to stay warm during the chilly winter months - this post is for you! Browse our top 5 winter fashion boot styles for 2017-2018.

Winter is a time for practicality. When there’s two feet of snow on the ground you need boots that will keep your feet warm and dry above all. However, with the huge strides made in boot construction over the last decade there’s no need to compromise quality for style - many of our cold weather boots align with the latest fashion trends while offering ample protection from the frigid cold of winter.

Luckily, we’ve browsed the best trends of this season so you don’t have to look anywhere else for a definitive guide. For the fashionista who also likes to stay warm, here are the top winter fashion boot styles:


Fold-Down Boots

Footwear that is versatile and changeable always scores big with trendsetters. Fold-down boots provide the calf protection needed when traipsing through the snow and ice, but as soon as you’re indoors and out of the cold they fold down for a layered and timeless look. Many best-selling fold-down boots online come with a faux fur lining to add a chic appeal to your outfit.


Suede Boots

Suede is a classic material iconized in Elvis’ “Blue Suede Shoes.” Many slip-on boots for women come in powder pink or baby blue to shade any getup in a gentle pastel palette. Just remember that suede boots require more upkeep and maintenance - they can keep you plenty warm, but if you’ll be out in the elements these may not be the best option.


Leather Ankle Boots

Especially for city fashions you can’t go wrong with a functional ankle boot. For a more edgy ensemble you can opt for shiny leather boots. Added points for a platform style that takes advantage of an elevated heel to add even more pizzazz to your step when you hit the town. Of course, even the most practical leather boots add personality to an outfit.


Fur-Lined Boots

Any winter boot with a faux fur lining adds a feminine quality to a rugged, functional outdoor look. Our Arctic Supreme boots sport a stylish knitted upper and plush faux fur lining to keep your legs extra warm and to set your footwear apart from the average boot. Comfort can be sophisticated - you don’t need to strut your stuff in moon boots in order to feel great and make a statement!


Tall Zip-Up Boots

You may think the 90s are over, but grunge is back in style. Zip-up boots with a little wear-and-tear are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene, and tall boots that almost reach your knee are also terrific for shielding your legs against the bitter winds of winter. Plus, zip-up styles can make putting on your boots even easier if you tend to fumble with slip-on boots.


It’s time to buy some Muck Boots and face the winter with confidence elegance. and Browse our selection of winter boots and find the perfect pair to complement your sense of style for the season.