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5 Things to Do on a Snow Day

There are countless fun outdoor activities to do on a snow day for families. Learn what some of our favorite things to do on a snow day, here!

Your kids were up at the crack of dawn on a school day. No, they aren’t suddenly interested in their studies - they checked the news to hear the two glorious words every child loves to hear: SNOW DAY!

When your kids are home from school, encourage them to get outside and stay active. There are countless fun things to do on a snow day for families. Ditch the electronics, bundle up your tots in their thickest winter garb, and make some memories partaking in any of these snow day activities for kids:


Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are always a blast, and with a little parental supervision you can ensure everyone is having fun! If you have children that boast a sizeable age gap make it more of a “party” and less of a “fight” - young kiddos can be discouraged if an older brother or sister is tossing a countless supply of snowballs in their face.

Snowball Games

So, if you’re avoiding an all-out snowball war, consider playing a variant of a classic yard game! Play horseshoes, setting up a target and seeing who can toss a snowball closest to the mark. Try playing a round of horse with your frozen basketball hoop, substituting snowballs for your basketball.

Hilly suburbs are the perfect spot for hours of sledding fun! No need for a fancy sled - sports supply store and hardware stores sell plastic sleds for $20 or less. Before your children zoom down the side of an embankment check to make sure there are no trees, ditches, or rocky spots that could cause injury.


Snowman Building

Constructing a friendly snowman to greet visitors is a yearly traditional for many families lucky enough to live in climates with plentiful snow. For a change of pace, pick a favorite cartoon or comic book character that your children love and dress up the snowman (or woman or person) to resemble the character as closely as possible. Take a family trip to a thrift store to pick up any missing costume pieces.


Snow Maze

Make shoveling snow fun by supervising a snow maze! If you have a spacious backyard your children can shovel pathways and build their own maze. Even a foot of snow is enough for hours of fun making zig-zagging paths that lead all over the yard. For inspiration check out some maze paths online!

Of course, in order to properly enjoy the snow without any freezing toes or wet socks your child should be outfitted in some rugged boots that can take on the cold and terrain. Don’t let improper footwear get in the way of a perfect snow day -  Kids snow boots like these Arctic Adventure boots are properly insulated and lightweight to deliver an optimal blend of warmth, comfort, and durability. Our snow boots for kids come in a variety of exciting and colorful designs so your children will look forward to traipsing out in the snow.