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5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. Get tips for making your home extra cozy this winter season, with some easy updates to your home's decor!

In the dead of winter your home can feel like a prison if you’re stuck inside night after night to escape the cold weather. As the saying goes, however, there’s no place like home: make some easy changes to your winter home decor and you can feel completely content staying in every night.

Not sure where to start? We’ve gathered our best winter decorating ideas in one place so you can make your humble abode nice and cozy for the season. Here are the best ways to spruce up your interior during the snowy months:


Coordinate Your Throw Blankets

Every seating area in your home should have a comfy, plush blanket folded neatly over the furniture (especially couches and loveseats) for easy access. But add some style to your selection by coordinating! You can make all of your throw blankets the same color, or you can contrast the scheme of each room to make certain colors pop. With a neutral palette velvet red throw blankets work well - red psychologically gets the blood pumping and makes us feel warmer.


Bathe Yourself in Candlelight

Candles are a wonderful addition to your home decor for multiple reasons. If you create small work and reading nooks (aka if you stuff tons of blankets and pillows into your favorite armchair) you can add to the ambience by placing and lighting multiple candles nearby. Aromatic candles can fill your home with soothing smells, delighting your senses and helping you feel relaxed.


Keep Your Feet Cozy

Nothing sends a shock through the system quite like walking on cold hardwood floors in the morning. Keep your family warm and comfy by placing plush, thick rugs around the house in the areas with the most foot traffic. If you have to run outside to grab the mail or shovel the sideway keep your feet protected from the cold with a sturdy pair of boots that properly insulates, keeping out cold and moisture.


Set Up Your Table by the Fireplace

If you own a fireplace you probably won’t venture 10 feet away from it during the coldest winter nights. Most often the fireplace is located in a living room or den, but use some creative thinking to relocate your dining space by the fire! You can even set up a simple card table and throw a tablecloth on it to keep the family warm during dinner and throughout the evening as you play cards or board games.


Keep It Bright

Many effects of the wintertime are psychological - overcast skies and the darkness have as much an impact on us as the actual temperature. Keep many different table lamps, standing lamps, and overhead lighting sources handy in your main seating and living areas so you don’t feel cold, tired, or cranky as the day turns to night.


With these simple tricks you can transform your standard house into a cozy home that you’ll never want to leave! Stay snug and warm this winter.