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7 Ways to Keep Your Family Warm This Winter

From cooking in your oven to programmable thermostats - read on to discover the best methods of keeping your entire family warm in the winter.

Keeping warm in the winter seems impossible when there’s constantly a draft in your house and only a few precious heating vents to crowd around. We all know to wear layers, drink hot tea, and bundle up under blankets, but else can we do when there’s a foot of snow on the ground and it’s five degrees outside?


Don’t fret - there are many practical solutions to the freezing cold. Read on for the best methods of keeping your entire family warm in the winter.

  • Add rugs and rollable carpet to hardwood floors during the winter. A lot of the heat loss in your home can actually occur through your floor if it’s uninsulated. Choose some plush rugs for the main dwelling areas in your house and you’ll notice a change in temperature over the long haul.

  • Do a wall check around your house and make sure none of your heating vents are blocked by large furniture. If your heating vent is directly behind your sofa you’re wasting money on your bill and making your home needlessly chilly.

  • Cook in your oven whenever possible. Using the oven (or a broiler) in your kitchen will naturally release heat into your home. Bake a cake, broil a chicken, try a new recipe - do whatever makes sense to get some heat benefits from your appliances.

  • Use the windows to your advantage. During the day let in as much sunlight as possible to utilize the greenhouse effect. However, after the sun sets you should close the curtains and keep them that way until morning. During the night heat can escape through your window, even if there aren’t any cracks or weak spots in the frame.

  • While we’re on the subject, use a candle to search for any gaps in door frames, window frames, and around the walls of your home. By holding the candle close to these pressure points you can see if the light flickers, which indicates cold air is coming in. Once you identify any problem spots have them sealed right away.

  • Wear a thermal undershirt and thermal pants to add some insulation to your body if you’re planning on keeping the thermostat low. Using insulation is also the best way to keep feet warm. In the winter, try wearing some cold weather boots to ensure your feet are warm and dry. Your extremities are the hardest parts of your body to keep warm, and boots will tremendously help.

  • Save money by only turning up the heat when you need it. At night you can keep the temperature significantly cooler - after all, the cool air helps you fall asleep, and you’ll be wrapped under layers of blankets! Try to buy a programmable thermostat so you can keep the temperature low when you don’t need it, like during the day when you’re at work.

Don’t let the cold get the best of you - follow these tips and stay warm in the middle of winter!