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Best Places to Visit for a Winter Getaway

When the snow starts to fall we all start pining for a winter getaway. Discover some of the best places to visit on your next winter getaway, here!

When the snow starts to fall we all start pining for a winter getaway: maybe you’re really into the spirit of the holidays, or maybe you’re sick of snow and are dreaming of a tropical oasis. Either way, the winter months are prime time for some great travel package deals. Here are our top winter destinations.


  • Prague, Czech Republic - The European Christmas markets are a premiere destination for I-can’t-believe-I-just-bought-eight-bags-of-gifts holiday shopping, and you won’t find more quaint and charming markets than those in Prague. While you’re loading your suitcase with ornaments and tchotchkes get your fill of langoš (traditional flatbread) and medovina (hot honey wine).

  • New York, New York - Nothing says “magical” like the winter holidays in Manhattan. Stroll through Central Park, go skating at Rockefeller Center, and shop ‘til you drop along Fifth Avenue. If you’re a film buff, watch one of many classic Christmas movies set in New York City and see how many locations you can find.

  • Harbin, China - If you can afford it this year make your way to Harbin, China in January: the world’s largest ice sculpture (and snow sculpture) festival will leave you spellbound. Pack for the cold, as it can get as cold as 20 degrees below zero. Not sure what to pack? Read our handy guide on what to bring for your winter getaway.

  • Rome, Italy - Rome tops the list of most affordable winter getaways, according to U.S News. In the winter months the hotel rates in the historic and culturally rich city are an absolute steal. Avoid the crowd and visit the many monuments and fine dining establishments at your leisure. Plan ahead and you can see some amazing and festive holiday decorations adorning some of the city’s notable attractions.

  • Granada, Nicaragua - Of course, you may hate the cold! In that case, book a trip to Granada to exchange your skis for a surfboard. You can traipse through the colonial-era storefronts and shops wearing shorts. Adventure seekers can get lost in Nicaragua’s rainforests and natural parks (many of which are home to stunning volcanoes).

  • St. Kitts and Nevis, the Caribbean - This two-island nation is home to a holiday festival (Sugar Mas) that lasts for two entire months! Escape the frigid cold and party it up in style. There are countless parades, pageants, and nightlife options, or you can hang by the beach sipping a martini.

  • Blackfoot Valley, Montana - If you have children in tow you can’t go wrong with the family packages at The Resort at Paws Up near Missoula, Montana. The packages include lodging, dining, and one winter adventure per day for your crew (like ice skating, horseback riding, or skiing). There’s something to enjoy for the whole family!

If you’re traveling to a cold climate for your winter getaway don’t neglect to pack a good pair of cold weather boots. Fashionable options like the Arctic Après Lace boot deliver unmatched warmth and comfort while keeping your outfit on point for those classic holiday photoshoots.