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Easy-To-Do Cold Weather Activities

Outdoor winter activities are tons of fun as long as your family is dressed in appropriate gear. Discover some easy-to-do cold weather activities, here!

When you rolled out of bed this morning and checked your weather app, did the forecast call for temps in the single digits? Many families living in winter-y climates decide to stay indoors and escape the cold once this time of year comes. But if your family is typically enjoying the great outdoors don’t call off a day outside simply because of the weather!

Outdoor winter activities are perfectly safe and tons of fun when you take care to dress up your family in appropriate gear. Strap on a dependable pair of outdoor boots, layer up, protect your ears, hands, and face, and get outside! We’re sharing some of our favorite cold weather outdoor activities so your family can be inspired to bundle up and stay active this winter.



Make S’mores

Your eyes don’t deceive you - we’re suggesting you take this summer staple and make it a winter tradition! Building a bonfire in the winter is a great way to get outside but stay warm. Once your family has a fire going you can roast marshmallows and make these popular snacks while enjoying some bonding time. Be sure to bring hot cocoa or tea in a thermos so you can feel warm from the inside out!


Watch a Dog-Sled Race

Alaska doesn’t have a monopoly on dog-sledding competitions! Many states host events and races throughout the winter - go online and check your area’s Department of Natural Resources website for more information. Bring your family and set up near the finish line to get a front row view of the excitement. Bring some games or plan to sing some songs to pass the time before the race begins.


Go Birdwatching

Outdoor winter activities for kids don’t all revolve around snowball fights or ice skating - birdwatching is an easy-to-do activity that stimulates your child’s imagination and can create plenty of great memories, especially if you live near a wooded area with plentiful wildlife. Make bird feeders from pine cones, bird seed, and peanut butter to try to draw the birds out for a snapshot!


Try Ice Fishing

Ditch the boat and get out on the ice this winter to catch some fish! Ice fishing can be a rewarding experience for every member of your family, full of suspense and excitement and also rife with free time to tell stories and eat snacks. Get a license, grab some gear, and wear moisture-wicking materials to stay dry and warm! For a beginners ice fishing guide head to

Our boots specifically designed for outdoor activity feature advanced Vibram outsole technology and provide terrific traction so no one in your family takes an unnecessary tumble on the ice and snow. Stay warm with our new Arctic Ice line of boots that will be keep you warm and protected in the coldest temperatures. Get outside and enjoy everything winter has to offer!