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Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Outside This Winter

Sure, there’s a fresh coat of snow on the ground, but that doesn’t mean your kids have to cooped up inside staring at a screen all day. With adequate protection from the colder temperatures children can have a blast playing outside during the winter. There are many benefits to outdoor winter play for kids, including:

  • During winter your kids are less exposed to bacteria and viruses when playing outside. The warmer climate inside your home is where the chance of contracting a cold from germs increases.

  • Your children will increase their vitamin D intake! Kids playing outside naturally are exposed to the sun, which delivers an abundance of vitamin D.

  • Outdoor winter activities for kids help expose children to new environments and new ways of problem-solving. Learning how to build a snowman is a great way to stimulate a young child, especially if they’ve never been outside in the snow.


So how do you convince your kids to ditch the devices and go outside when it’s 20 degrees out? Try any of these winter outdoor activities for kids:

  • Snow Art - Fill a few empty spray bottles with water and food coloring, shaking after mixing. For best results get a few vibrant colors: green, red, and blue stand out in the snow. Go outside with your kids and spray the snow to make works of art!

  • Bubbles - For younger tots, blow bubbles outside! The colder weather allows the bubbles to remain intact much longer, giving the impression that the bubbles are frozen. Summer bubbles have nothing on winter ones!

  • Scavenger Hunt - Hide various objects around the yard and in various nooks and crannies on the outer wall of your house. Make a list of the hidden objects, and have your kids race to see who can find the most. For an added challenge hide primarily white objects.

  • Relay - Your kids might not be able to play soccer or basketball in the snow, but there are plenty of winter-friendly sports. For super active kids nothing beats an old-fashioned relay. Decorate some brightly-colored batons with your kiddos, and then divide into pairs. Mark a start position in front of your house and compete in a snow relay around your yard!

  • Field Trip - Round up the kids and go to a local park to explore during the winter time. Bring binoculars and a field guide to see what critters and birds you can spot. Parks are also great for group activities like sledding or snowball fights!


The key to keeping your kids outside during the winter is to ensure they’re warm and dry. Avoid cotton materials that absorb sweat, and make sure your children wear multiple layers under their snow pants and coat. Invest in quality headgear, mittens, scarves, and boots.

Proper outdoor sporting boots will provide a thick, durable, and slip-resistant outsole to prevent falls and slips on the snow and ice. Our Kids Rugged II boot is outfitted with self-insulating neoprene fleece lining to keep kids warm all day long.