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Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

Whether you have a houseful of kids or a classroom of students, brainstorming fun outdoor games for them to play can be tricky. Discover our favorites here!

Whether you have a houseful of kiddos or a classroom full of young students you’ll often feel the energy of the group reach a boiling point - time to take a break and head outside! Luckily there are dozens of safe and fun outdoor games for kids that require minimal gear. With a little supervision your kids can have the time of their lives playing one of these outdoor classics:


Blind Man’s Bluff

Popularized in Victorian England, the basic premise of this game is “tag, with a blindfold.” Whoever is “it” wears a blindfold and tries to tag the other players. If your parent red flag immediately came up, you’re not alone - playing Blind Man’s Bluff inside can be hazardous if children run into or trip over furniture. That’s why this game is best suited for outdoor play in a large open area. Make sure the players stay within certain boundaries to make the game more fun!


Freeze Dance

This classic game just needs the accompaniment of some fun dance tunes. Start playing some music, and have all of the children dance in as crazy and exaggerated a manner as they can. When the music stops everyone must freeze - if they’re seen moving during the silence then they’re out! Keep going until someone is crowned the victor.


Mario Kart

Not the videogame! To play Mario Kart inflate two balloons per kid, and tie the balloons around their ankles. The players run around the yard and try to pop everyone else’s balloons only using their feet. Once the balloons are gone you’re out of the game. Whoever is left standing is the winner! To protect toes make sure your kids are wearing proper footwear like a pair of sturdy outdoor boots.


Blanket Race

This game works best if you have several children and adults in a group. Children are matched up with an adult (or older kid). The adult drags the child across the lawn and back on a blanket, taking them on fun, rip-roaring ride around the grass. Obviously, don’t use your nicest blankets - wool picnic blankets and other durable materials work best.


Red Light, Green Light

If you have a class full of kids and a large, relatively flat space this is one of the best outdoor games for kids to play. The concept is simple: whoever is “it” is the traffic light, and determines when players can go or stop. The traffic light stands at the end of the playing field. When they yell “green light!” everyone can run towards the traffic light, but when they yell “red light!” everyone must stop moving immediately. If you move at all after “red light!” has been called you must go back to the starting line. The first player to tag the traffic light gets to be “it” for the next round!


With a few basic materials and plenty of sunshine you can keep kids entertained and staying active outside for hours at a time by playing these fun games.