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How to Choose the Right Horseback Riding Boots

As much as we all love to save money most footwear sadly won’t cut it for horseback riding. That said, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars securing a versatile and dependable pair of equestrian boots. Many styles and brands exist that will deliver optimal support and comfort, many available secondhand.If you or your child has recently taken an interest in horseback riding (or if you simply need a new pair) these are the most important things to consider when shopping for horse riding boots:



Many styles of horseback riding boots exist because there are many different contexts in which you’ll need boots. So ask yourself: what are these boots for? What will I be doing with them?

Tall boots are essential for various horseback riding events and shows. Field boots, typically made of leather and constructed to end at the bottom of your knee, offer a stylish and snug fit. Field boots are the boot of choice for jumping, equitation, and eventing show rings. Dress boots, typically stiffer than field boots, are reserved for dressage rings and deliver an air of elegance.

However, if you’ll be wearing your boots all day tall boots won’t be practical or comfortable. Paddock boots (which typically extend to your ankle) are a great choice if you’ll be taking lessons, riding at home, and wearing the same boots in the barn.



Horseback riding boots have a few parameters you should stick to for the safest and most comfy fit: buy a pair that has a heel between 1 and 1.5 inches in height so your boots don’t slip out of the stirrup. Your equestrian boots should also have low tread so you can slip your boots into the stirrup without much resistance.

Some other guidelines: stick with styles of boots that aren’t too wide or box-shaped. A large toe box can get your foot stuck during dismount and lead to serious injury. Beyond this, you’ll want your boots to be as snug as possible to lend support to your ankles and to the balls of your feet. We know it might get cold, but instead of wearing thick wool socks with boots stick to thin, insulated socks that trap feet.



You can still look great in a proper pair of equestrian boots! Even children’s horse riding boots are available in several styles, cuts, and colors so you can accessorize and coordinate your ensemble. For example, our Reign Tall equestrian boots are sold in numerous colors so you can add a vibrant accent color like hot pink or purple to your riding gear.

When you take all of these considerations into account choosing your ideal horseback riding boots should prove straightforward. Set a budget, decide where you’ll be wearing your new boots, and then shop all of our great options for equestrian boots.