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The official blog of The Original Muck Boot Company.

Life in the Rainy States

Most people who live in the U.S. are aware that Seattle is a rainy city, but beyond that, you may not be aware of which states are the rainiest unless you live in one. However, rather than looking at living in a rainy state as a negative, there are actually many great things about rainy places: they are lush and green, you can play in the rain with your kids, and there’s nothing like a day of indoor relaxation with the sound of rain coming down on the roof.

When sunny days arrive, you’ll learn to appreciate them like never before; and generally, the rumors about exactly how rainy a place is aren’t exactly true. For example, that stereotype about Seattle being ultra-rainy is debunked when you find out there are actually an average of 155 rainy days per year. Sure, that’s a lot of rainy days, but it’s certainly not 24/7, as some would have you believe.

Believe it or not, the rainiest states in the U.S. are not in the Northwest. The rainiest states are Florida and Hawaii: Florida receives the majority of its precipitation in summertime while Hawaii's damper months are during winter. The next rainiest states are Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas. Depending on the year, these states will switch places in the top 10 list, but in the past 10 years, these 10 states have maintained their station at some point on the list of rainiest states.

There are other states that don’t make the top 10, but are still quite rainy, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Kentucky. If you live in one of these places, the latest statistics suggest we never know when there may be a massive deluge, such as hurricane Sandy, which hit the Jersey Shore in October 2012. While events as severe as these are not common, they’ve become progressively more so in recent history. Being prepared with high-end rain boots for the whole family is a must when you live someplace where events like this occur. You can find cheap Wellies anyplace, but few brands can boast 100% waterproof protection, insulation, and slip-resistant sole of the rain boots available for men, women, and children by Muck Boots.

New to a Rainy State? Getting the Rain Gear You Need

If you live in one of America’s rainiest states, there’s no choice but to have quality rain gear for yourself and your kids before you can walk outside. Essentials include proper raincoats (that are actually waterproof, not just advertised as such), the right socks to stay warm, the best umbrellas in styles that suit your taste, quality rain boots, and galoshes to wear over dress shoes.

Stick with the Brands Known to Work for Offering Rain Gear: Along with the Original Muck Boot Company, Sherpa, Patagonia, London Fog, Land's End, L.L. Bean, and North Face are a few of the finer quality purveyors of rain gear. Proper insulation, quality waterproof materials for coats, trench coats, and hats are imperative for staying dry and warm whether you're walking from the car to the office or spending a good amount of time outdoors in the rain.

Muck Rain Boots for the Whole Family: Offered in a host of styles, prints, colors, and even camouflage, Muck Boot Company’s rain boots for women, children, and men are the finest quality available today. Muck technology brings you proprietary EVA sockliner for added support, etc® sock lining to reduce heat and moisture buildup, and/or XpressCool™ to keep your boots bacteria, fungus, and odor-free.

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