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Winter Health Tips for Kids

Keep your kids safe and healthy this winter, with these simple yet effective tips from The Original Muck Boot Company!

Winter Health Tips for Kids
Winter Health Tips for Kids

Keeping kids safe can seem more difficult in winter, but every season poses its own different kinds of risks. To keep your little ones healthy, consider these three simple but important kids’ winter health tips!


1. Layer Up

As a general rule, babies and young children should wear one more layer than adults do in the same environment. For example, if as a parent you’re comfortable in a long-sleeved shirt and jacket, your child should be wearing an undershirt, a long-sleeved thermal, and a jacket. For children two years of age or younger, add even one more layer, or make sure the coat they’re wearing is heavier than the one you have on. You can always remove layers as needed, but you can’t stop the impact that not wearing enough layers could have.

Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures the way older children and adults can. For this reason, swaddling them in an added layer or placing them in a bunting bag while in the stroller can make a remarkable difference in how warm they stay. When dressing your baby or small child for winter, consider wool, which keeps out cold even when wet, so small children and babies are safer outdoors.


2. Mitigate the Spread of Germs

A myth that never seems to get dispelled is that winter causes colds and flus. These are caused by viruses, not by wintry weather. However, when body temperatures fluctuate from high while indoors to low while outdoors, this change in temperature can invite dormant viruses to kick off. But, more commonly, school-aged children exposed to one another are more prone to getting sick through spreading germs.

One of the best and simplest kids’ winter safety tips is to teach them to cover their mouths with elbows rather than hands when they sneeze to keep germs from spreading.

Teach your kids to wash their hands after using the restroom, playtime, recess, and right when they come home from school. Beyond that, immunizing your kids age-appropriately and getting them a flu vaccine each year will help keep them in school.


3. Invest in the Right Gear

Because feet are on the ground, freezing and subfreezing temperatures can “leak into” little bodies from the schoolyard or hillside up, making children’s winter boots one of the most important parts of your arsenal as a parent. Muck Boots offers different lines of winter boots for kids with varying degrees of insulation appropriate for winter in different regions. Ensure the safety and warmth of your kids to stave off colds and flus this season with a pair of Kids Arctic Boots.