Christmas Traditions

Branded Online Partners | Dec 22, 20

By U.K. Pro Team Member Zoe Colville @thechiefshepherdess

Just because it's a holiday, Sunday or Christmas doesn't mean we can have a day off, farming really is 365 days a year. But that doesn't mean you can't make it special, when I ventured into farming I was certain I'd make new traditions and so that's what I've done.

Santa Cow

Christmas Eve I prep all the veg for everyone, carrots, sprouts, parsnips and cabbage. Christmas day usually starts early as I'll be rearing calves in the barn, so we have to make sure they have their milk pretty early or they scream the place down! Most likely take a Father Christmas hat with me to try (and fail) to get that award winning photo of the cute calf with the milk beard and the hat. We then go for a walk to check everyone's happy and healthy and all the animals get a Christmas feast of veg.

Feeding Cows

Christmas lunch has been our own lamb the past few years, but this year with The Little Farm Fridge launching I feel like we may go for a rib of beef off one of our Dexter's, let's hope I can nail it like I manage to nail cooking the lamb.

Christmas Feast