Staying in step with the season of giving, today we’re highlighting the Urban Farming Institute (UFI) of Boston, an organization entrenched in our brand for nearly 10 years, and sharing how this year Muck® is giving back to them on Giving Tuesday.


Over the years, the team dedicated to building The Original Muck Boot Company connected with the Urban Farming Institute of Boston as a partner to share and experience what work and life in the muck truly meant. Since then, UFI has become a valuable resource for the team, hosting various photo shoots and volunteer opportunities for the team to give back. Today we’re excited to share that we will be donating 10% of sales on Giving Tuesday to UFI (up to $10,000)!

UFI believes that food is a universal right, and they envision a city where vacant land is abundant, food cultures are diverse, and people are excited to grow and share food.

Headquartered in Mattapan, UFI is building on this strength and turning neighborhoods green. Their vision is to build deep and distributed farming network, in which any location can be a place where food is grown for local consumption, local sales and local distribution.

In pursuit of their mission, UFI has built a training program dedicated to educating local farmers on small plot farming during a 20-week intensive program that offers hands-on experience and immerses them in the reality of farming and growing, while also operating 7 small plot urban farms where they grow, sell, and distribute their crops back into the local community.

This year, members of the Muck® team volunteered their time preparing beds in the spring and lending hands to fill food boxes, which were provided to local families in time for Thanksgiving.

Their ultimate goal is to bring people to delicious food and healthy eating, to transform neglected land in neighborhoods, and to contribute to economic and environmental resilience by localizing the food system, and we thrilled to be able to support them in their initiatives this year.

Funds from our donation will go directly back into the community as they launch a new winter program dedicated to feeding families in need during a crucial point in the year. The Original Muck Boot Company is proud to support organizations that provide valuable resources to their communities.