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Our Story

It all started with a universal problem—muck. Wet, messy, muddy, dirty muck, and we determined to find a solution for keeping our feet warm and dry through it all. So we set out to build the most protective, most comfortable, most reliable boots on the planet—no matter what the conditions. And The Original Muck Boot Company® was born providing 100% waterproof boots and footwear that withstand the muckiest situations in every season.

Over the past two decades we have had the freedom to innovate, experiment, and test our products in every single element—because outside, there are way more than four seasons. That’s why we’ve designed each of our styles to work hard for every task and brave every condition—so you can be protected, productive, and always in your comfort zone, no matter what the weather.

Our Purpose

Muck is rooted in necessity, grounded in community, built to protect, worn with pride, and made for work (and life) in the muck.

100% Muckproof

Fully protected from wet, windy, snow, mud, and sticky situations.

Our Core Values

Rural Spirit
Hard Working

These are the things that define us...

What goes into our product

  1. Pull tabs are recessed (attached from the inside) so as not to pose a catch threat.Feature a silver reflective stripe for safety
  2. All seams are cemented, stitched and sealed with rubber tape for guaranteed waterproof protection
  3. Kick-off lug for easy off without touching boot
  4. Scuba grade neoprene bootie offeres 100% waterproof protection, natural insulation, and durable comfort and flexibility
  5. Multiple layers of rubber where necessary for additional durability. Coarser textures and heaviest rubber on the toe and heel for most protection
  6. Rubber Cupsole for durability and traction. Neoprene bootie sits inside the cupsole for extra stability


We are dedicated to delivering boots and footwear that are 100% MUCKPROOF: remarkably protective, exceptionally comfortable, and totally waterproof, made with premium neoprene and rubber, and designed to brave every element.

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