A Deer Camp Tradition

IG: @outdoors_allie | DEC 1

Deer camp has different meanings and purposes depending on who you ask. For some it’s an escape, a reset from the grind of everyday life. For others it’s a challenge both physically and mentally. For me, it’s about the people I’m with.

It’s the laughs, food, early mornings, and late nights. The pre-dawn coffee and the campfire beers. The stories of the past, and aspiration for the future. It’s a special place and time of year.

Some of my most cherished memories revolve around deer camp and the 5-10 people we share it with every year. So as you’d imagine, coming together the weekend after Thanksgiving for our annual deer camp is far and away my favorite tradition tied to family, friends, and the holidays.

  • Allie getting her bow ready for the hunt.
  • Allie checking out the antlers on her hunt trophy.

We refer to our perennial locations by names like “Bear Rock” or “Joey’s Beech Tree” and the night before opening day we sit around the wood stove and make a game plan as to who is hunting where. Packing, double checking, and fidgeting in sleeping bags full of excitement closes out the night. Although there’s always an instigator who tagged out during archery season and taunts us to stay out by the campfire all night.

  • Allie climbing a tree to get a better perspective for the hunt.
  • An antler sitting atop a metal pot on the snow.

For us, it’s not only about filling tags. Filling the camp journal with hilarious excerpts and polaroid pictures has always been most important. This year, if you are fortunate enough to attend a deer camp take a break from outside distractions, ground yourself in the moment, and strengthen your relationships. Regardless of the weather or deer activity, we have a damn good time. And that holiday tradition is almost here!

Allie drawing her bow in a snowy forest

I’m a hunter and an all around outdoorsy person, and I’m constantly reaching for my hale boots. They hit a sweet spot between being durable and sturdy, while also being light weight and comfortable to wear on longer walks. I have an older pair in a camouflage pattern that I love to wear while hunting for turkey in the spring and hunting for whitetail deer in the fall. I have a second pair in a neutral color that is my go-to for literally any outdoor task around my house. Gardening, raking leaves, chopping wood, you name it; I’m wearing my hales.

Allie adjusting her Muck boot as they keep her feet warm in the cold winter

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