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Holidays for The Farmer

IG: @elizabethtaffet | NOV 30

For a farmer, the holidays can be more than a meal and time spent with family. For instance, premature newborn goats might be in the living room on thanksgiving because they required around the clock care after being rejected by their mother. Or a delayed arrival to dinner because of an ill goat and the need to finish up on mucking out and bedding down pens for winter kids.

  • Elizabeth standing outside in front of her barn with her two dogs.
  • Elizabeth with her dad and their farm animals

I think for many of us, we get wrapped up in the idea of the sensationalized holidays we see in the movies and on social media. All families gathered under one roof, loud and happy, games played and jokes to be had, aesthetic decor and garb. Of course, there’s always the recipe we had to try and a new game to try and bring everyone closer together. But, in reality, just being able to sit together under one roof, nothing fancy or outrageous, is sufficient enough.

Just about everything about the holidays for us is now centered around comfort and familiarity. Favorite dishes that are safe for any of us with dietary restrictions and a dinner time late enough that the farmer can make it but early enough so that those traveling can avoid getting stuck in traffic on their way home.

It’s during this time of year that the annual boot swap begins as I say goodbye to my lightweight warmer weather boots and break out the style I've known and trusted for almost 8 years.

  • Elizabeth cleaning out the barn with a pitchfork
  • Elizabeth hugging a goat

The Muck Chore Classic Mid boots. I don’t know what it is about these boots but every fall and winter they are the first pair I put on when the seasons change and I need the extra support and insulation when walking through the muddy barnyard and fields. For the last few years there has been one constant regarding my footwear and the holidays. I was always wearing my Muck Chore Classic Mid boots, and I was always delayed or preoccupied with an ill or newborn goat. And that, I love.