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Muck boots and The Original Muck Boot Company have been a staple in my family for as long as I can remember. Whether it was out fishing or hunting, helping in the yard, or moving snow in the skid-steer, muck boots are all I can remember people wearing for these activities in North Dakota. I always was thrilled to put on my muck boots because it meant I got to tag along with my dad and grandpa - these are some of the best times and memories I have. They have always kept my feet dry and warm while I’ve gone ice fishing on small lakes around N.D. or on the boat early springtime on the Missouri River walleye fishing. The smaller profile boot like the Men’s Apex Mid Zip Boot comes in handy for almost anything, but especially pheasant hunting, waterfowl hunting, deer hunting, or fishing on the boat. These boots have been and will continue to be a standard in my family whether it’s helping with the work side of life (snow removal and construction) or hunting.

  • Brayden standing next to his dog in the snow, wearing his Muck boots.
  • Brayden walking through the snow covered woods with his Muck boots.
Brayden suited up in his L.A. Rams jersey while they play the Cincinnati Bengals

When it comes to field hunting, there's always that giddy little kid excitement of getting to go do what you love with your family and friends. The preparation it takes to get everything ready for hunting whether it be scouting, sighting in the guns, and of course making sure you're in shape for a possible long stalk or trip somewhere. All these characteristics and actions are very similar to what it takes week in and week out on the football field. Preparation is key to everything in life, and there's never a time where you can over prepare. Scouting the opponent is crucial every week, along with knowing your body and mind are right for every opportunity in between the lines on the field. The mindset of attacking each opportunity, hunting, or playing football are both something that takes a lot of work, but the reward is so gratifying when the goal is accomplished. I love the game of football but hunting and fishing are a very close second.