Winter Horse Care Tips

Caitlin Gooch @theblackcowgirl | FEB 24, 22

Horse care in the winter, depending on where you live, can be like a guessing game. One day it might be hot during the day but freezing at night. It could rain all week then suddenly start snowing the next day. Around this time last year I had on a short sleeve shirt some days and layers on other days. The weather is just like this sometimes. My advice? Focus in two areas for horses in the winter:

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Blankets, or no blankets?

Decide whether or not your horse needs to be blanketed. Blankets range from light weight to heavyweight. Every horse is different. Consider their individual needs and the temperature when making the decision. My miniature horse Man Man has grown a thick fluffy coat which keeps him warm.

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Groom, groom, groom

Stay consistent with grooming. Grooming is one way we find injuries or irritated areas. As horses' winter coats grow out, it can be difficult to detect an injury, bruise, or scratch. If we continue a grooming schedule throughout winter, it is easier to recognize any changes. So make a schedule that works best for you and bundle up!

Stay safe, stay warm!

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