Q&A: Abbagail McRuer, Field Team Member & Founder Sage & Shepherd Ranch Blog

Q&A: Abbagail McRuer, Field Team Member & Founder Sage & Shepherd Ranch

Bringing a newborn onto the ranch is no small feat. Abbagail McRuer & her husband Mackenzie of Sage & Shepherd Ranch are working towards balance and enjoying this unique experience, as they've become new parents to their son all the while continuing to build a regenerative and ethical farming business.


Q: Introduce yourself. As the owner of Sage & Shepherd Ranch, how has it been becoming a new mom?
A: I’m Abbagail! My husband and I run Sage and Shepherd Ranch in Alberta, CA, where we raise 100% grass fed and finished beef, lamb, and soy-free, pasture raised pork. We ship direct from the ranch to your door. This past year, we welcomed our first child, and becoming a mom has been the most amazing gift ever. I am in love with caring for our son and watching him grow on the daily!

Q: What have you enjoyed most about bringing a child onto the ranch?
A: I love the fact that I can show my son where food comes from even at such a young age, and all of our animals will one day be his.

Q: How has having a child changed your everyday chores/responsibilities on the ranch?
A: Bringing a child onto the ranch has made chores take a bit longer, as I need to manage time a little bit better balancing his needs and those of the ranch, but it is so worth it.

Q: As your child grows up on the ranch, what are the values that you hope to inspire in him?
A: My hope is that he grows up to be kind and work hard.

Q: Tell us your favorite 2 boots that keep you on your feet and allow you to be productive on the ranch and care for your son.
A: I LOVE the Originals Ankle Boot and the Muckster II Mid Boots -- my go-to’s! One for ranching, the other for gardening.